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One of the most popular visas proves to be the Australian working holiday visa. It allows young people from UK, Ireland and other eligible countries between the ages of 18 to 30 (inclusive) to have an extended holiday supplemented by casual employment for up to 12 months.

With more than 10 years' experience in visa processing Visa First is one of the leaders on the market. Employing the services of a Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1001083 our work will be carried out within the Australian Immigration Advisers Authority code of conduct guidelines at all times. Our registered migration agents will process your Australian visa application through to completion. When applying for a working holiday visa to Australia with Visa First, you get a wide range of additional benefits.
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Visa Benefits included in our Packs

Ordering a full benefit pack will ensure your smooth arriving and stay in Australia. You just need to buy a ticket and pack your luggage.


Holding a passport from an eligible country (see list below) and being under 31 covers two of the eligibility criteria that you should meet if, you are heading Down Under on this type of Australian work visa. Other criteria are not to have dependent children, not to have been on a working holiday visa in Australia before, be healthy and of good character. Having enough funds to cover your initial stay in Australia is also something you have to consider in planning your trip. Based on our experience we will also advise you to make sure your passport validity will cover your entire stay in Australia.

Criteria List

You are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia if:

Countries eligible to Apply for Working Holiday Visa to Australia

If you hold a passport from one of the below countries regardless if you are based in the UK or Ireland, or in another country you are still eligible to apply for this visa.

Hong Kong
Republic of Cyprus
Republic of Ireland
Republic of Korea
The Netherlands

Visa First can help set you up with everything you need to start living and working in Australia including a bank account, fax file number, tax information, a mobile SIM card, work courses, jobs advice and other arrival packages.

The positive outcome of your Australian working holiday visa application is very much dependent on you meeting the eligibility criteria. The best thing to do to ensure you are eligible is to talk to a visa specialist who will guide you through the process and assess your personal situation. For e.g if you have children or you have a speeding ticket you might still be eligible.

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Conditions of Work

Under the working holiday program for Australia you can take any kind of work to help you fund your stay. However, because the primary idea of the visa is holiday - you are permitted to work no more than 6 months for the same employer.

Visa Duration

The duration of the Australian Working Holiday Visa is 12 months, starting at the moment you land in Australia. You can leave and re-enter the country as many times as you like during the visa duration. For staying more than 12 months you should extend your visa with Second Year Australia Working Holiday Visa.

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